Вылетает stubbs the zombie при запуске

Вышел патч 1.02 для русской версии игры Stubbs the Zombie.
Патч исправляет ряд ошибок, среди них:

— Устранена утечка памяти, приводившая к падению производительности спустя некоторое время после начала игры.
— Устранены рывки и замедление при воспроизведении начального и финального роликов игры.
— Устранена ошибка, приводившая к зависанию игры при включении или выключении в настройках поддержки EAX Advanced HD.
— Скринсейвер не включается во время работы игры при управлении героем с помощью джойстика.

Скачать патч можно здесь (9553 КБ).


Не помог

Взял эту прекрасную игру, а она не идёт. Старфорс проверку делает, монитор на секунду гаснет и всё обрывается. Думал может этот патч поможет. не помог, что делать?

I don’t normally post in discussion forums, but after spending a fair portion of the last week trying to get this game working and finding the fix to be rather straight forward, I thought I would share it to avoid any future frustration.

This simple fix will work for both nvidia and AMD users (assuming you are using moderately up to date drivers) and does not require any additional software (like nvidia inspector), or outdated dll files (which I couldn’t get to work). However if you are using an Intel Graphics Card Then this fix probably won’t work.

Just browse to your Stubbs install directory (A Clean Install is recommended if you have tried any other fixes) and rename "stubbs.exe" to "CoDSP.exe" (without the quotes) now the game should run from "CoDSP.exe" regardless of what operating system or graphics card you have. And now the game works, and that is all most people will care. If you want you could write a simple script (called "stubbs.exe") to launch "CoDSP.exe" so the game still runs from shortcuts and/or steam (as shown here) but this isn’t really necessary.

For the more technically minded among us lets go into the details of why this fix works. The reason the game didn’t work in the first place is because of the amount of calls it makes to OpenGL extensions. For nvidia users you could use a tool (like nvidia inspector) to create a custom profile for the game and set an extension limit, which got the game running. However no such tool existed for AMD users, and having to download an additional piece of software was not an ideal workaround. So in the nvidia inspector we choose the extension limit that would be used for Call of Duty (and is therefore set automatically for that game). Now the extension limit does also exist on AMD cards, there is just no interface for it, AMD users will find a file called "atiogl.xml" in "C:Windows" which essentially creates profiles for certain executables and sets OpenGL Extension limits (much like nvidia inspector). As this uses the same extension limit as Call of Duty, and Call of Duty already has an extension limit set in the config file (for both graphics card vendors), simply renaming the executable will make the graphics card think you are running Call of Duty and hence the right extension limits will be applied automatically. AMD users could also technically get this to work by editing the "atiogl.xml" file manually. Renaming the executable to any other game that uses that extension limit by default in both graphics drivers (like Return to Castle Wolfenstein) would also work.

Most people will probably figure this out themselves but if you get a OpenAl32.dll is missing error simply download it from here [download.dll-files.com] and throw it in the game directory. And if you have any version of atioglxx.dll in your Stubbs directory left over from any previous fix (or the installer?) then delete it, as it may cause the game to not start.

I hope this post is useful to anyone still trying to get this game to work, and saves people the hassle and time of going through dead end fixes, trying to find a solution (like I did).

Игра ZombiU вылетает с ошибкой «Прекращена работа программы zombi.exe«, в этой статье собраны всевозможные решения данной ошибки.

Решение 1: Данное решение помогает достаточно многим игрокам, вам необходимо изменить совместимость для файла zombi.exe. И так, найдите этот файл в корневой папке игры ZombiU, и выставьте режим совместимости Windows 7. Кликните правой кнопкой мыши по файлу zombi.exe > выберете пункт меню свойства > перейдите во вкладку «совместимость».

Данная статья будет обновляться по мере появления новых решений данной проблемы.

Если вы знаете решение данной проблемы, пожалуйста опишите его в комментариях к этой статье.

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